Who we are

There are many unique, highly specific German words and terms that can’t be directly translated into English. One of our favorites is Wahlberliner, or “choice Berliner”. Wahlberliners are, by definition, not actually born in Berlin – they therefore can’t claim to be “Urberliner” (original Berliners), however, they are Berliners all the same. We’re a close-knit team of well-travelled history and hospitality experts, but first and foremost we’re a team of Wahlberliners.

Each of us is intimately familiar with the history, society, and culture of Berlin as well as Germany as a whole. We came here from all over the world, for various different reasons, and we love our chosen home. We’re all current or recently graduated students with degrees in the historical, cultural and political fields that we’re most passionate about. We are all huge fans of the city’s burgeoning food and arts scene, so we’ll be sure to share our tips with you as well. We’re really looking forward to meeting you and teaching you about Berlin.