Much like food, beer in Berlin has only recently broken away from it's working-class roots and traditional palette. A renaissance amongst traditional brewers has been met with a full blown craft scene that is producing some very exciting new takes on "German beer". We're eager to introduce you to the history
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Radical innovation and politics as well as the destruction of war have several times over the last century thrusted Berlin to the forefront of international design and architecture. From the neoclassic to Bauhaus, communist uniformity to hypermodern glass and steel, Berlin is truly a microcosm of 20th century design.
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A culinary backwater for most of the 20th century, until recently gastronomy in Berlin meant cheap sausages slathered with curry ketchup and the infamous Döner kebab. Of late, however, the scene has come roaring to life with street food markets and innovative new restaurants spearheaded by energetic young Germans and new-arrivals.
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Berlin Highlights

If you want to get your bearing and see the places you really can't miss, we recommend starting with a comprehensive overview of the city center. We'll be sure to see all the famous sites you've heard about - the Brandenburg Gate, Checkpoint Charlie, the Holocaust Memorial and the Wall to
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Contemporary Berlin

Berlin has changed tremendously since the fall of the wall in 1989, and is in many ways at the forefront of Germany’s transformation into a multicultural, cosmopolitan nation. We'll give a detailed overview of the city’s renaissance, focusing on topics such as music, immigration, gentrification, tourism and modern politics.
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Gay Berlin

blossoming in the 20's, Berlin's gay culture was world renowned historically and is equally impressive today. See the city from this unique perspective, visiting some of the legendary sites (Cabaret to name one) from literature and film, as well as all where this community thrives today.
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Jewish Berlin

Home to one of Europe's largest Jewish communities before the war, Berlin was one of the birthplaces of the Jewish Enlightenment and home to the likes of Moses Mendelssohn, Max Liebermann and Albert Einstein. No history of Berlin is complete without discussing it's Jewish past.
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Cold War

Berlin was on the front lines of the biggest showdown of the 20th century. Behind the Wall, death- strips and checkpoints, East Berlin was the capital of a secretive and oppressive Germany that thousands died fleeing. We'll explore the side of Berlin that ended a quarter century ago, but in many
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What Versailles is to Paris, Potsdam is to Berlin. Aside from being full of imperial palaces, gardens and baroque villas, the city hosted the Allied peace conference in 1945 that finalized the division of Germany and Europe.
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Sachsenhausen Memorial

The closest concentration camp to Berlin, Sachsenhausen was not only a place where tens of thousands of prisoners were murdered, but it also served as the headquarters of the entire Nazi/SS camp network.
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