General Tour Details

If the weather is less than ideal, our guide will snap into action and make sure it isn’t too much of an issue. We always have umbrellas or ponchos (very fashionable, we know) on hand, so don’t fret. Our guides also don’t want to get wet themselves, so they’ll take you to all the right places, in all the right ways, as to keep you as dry as possible.

During the booking process we inquire about your expectations from the tour, please let us know if you have any mobility limitations. We always prefer to walk, as it offers to the best chance to explore, but will always cover train/bus/tram tickets in Berlin if your tour calls for it. Having a car and driver is always an option a well, just ask! For trips outside of Berlin, train tickets with the German National Rail Service will be included with your booking.

We have a meeting spot by our office in Mitte, am Zirkus (a short walk from Bahnhof Friedrichstraße), but we typically meet most of our guests in the lobby of their hotel or in front of the building they are staying in. How easy is that?

All of our guides speak great English, we promise! Several of our guides are native English speakers (from New York, Sydney, Chicago and Ireland), with the rest being completely fluent. While we operate predominately in English, we can oftentimes accommodate groups speaking French, Spanish, Italian, Hebrew, Romanian and Swedish. For anything else, just ask, it may be possible.

All of our tours and themes can be customized into standalone full day outings, or combined with others. A full day with one theme obviously allows your guide to go much deeper into a particular topic, (i.e. Nazi Germany), and show you many more, often off the beaten path sites. Combining themes however, say the Cold War and Multicultural Berlin will allow you to explore multiple topics in the same outing and is recommended if you only have one day with us. Both are great options, but it all depends on how many days you have for touring and what your passions are. We strive to customize every moment of your stay in Berlin to you specifically, allowing the most tailored experience possible. While we have tons of different topics we can incorporate into a tour listed on our site, if you are interested in something you don’t see, please ask! You’d be surprised at some of the obscure things people have requested we teach them about while they are in town (i.e. famous French immigrants in Berlin in the 18th century)… always an exciting challenge on our end.

Making Changes to a Scheduled Tour

We strive to be as flexible as possible, therefore hopefully eliminating most reasons for you canceling a tour. If someone in your party is sick or delayed in your arrival, just let us know and we can probably accommodate you. For all other situations, just get in touch and we’ll be sure to sort out a solution.

We can typically accommodate most changes – we ask you get in touch with us as early as possible via email or on the phone. If your guide is booked for a full day with your group, then you call the shots. If you want a later or earlier start, or want a longer or shorter day, just say so. We are flexible and will try as best we can to operate around your schedule.

Pricing / Payment

All tours, from a few hours to several days, will be custom priced to your specific reservation and group size. If you’d like to travel around by car or bicycle, please make sure to include the request during the booking process.

Please send us a message with your favorite tour ideas so we can give you an exact quote.

Germany is very cash oriented. Most of our clients pay in cash, but we also accept card and debit payments, as well as direct transfers before the date of the tour.